Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart
Serving Size: 1 tart (9 1/2 inches) Prep Time: 2 hours Cook Time: 33 minutes Cooking Temp: 375°

Tart Ingredients

1/2 cup lemon juice (about 2 to 3 lemons)

1/4 cup granulated sugar

6 tbsp butter, chilled & cubed

2 large eggs

2 large egg yolks

Crust Ingredients

1/2 cup buckwheat flour

1/2 cup almond flour

1/4 cup arrowroot or tapioca flour

1 tsp granulated sugar

1/2 tsp Xanthan gum

1/4 tsp sea salt

6 tbsp butter, chilled and cubed

2-4 tbsp ice water


Tart Directions

  1. Before juicing the lemons, zest two of them into a medium sized mixing bowl. Set a fine mesh sifter over top and set aside. In another medium mixing bowl, whisk together eggs and yolks.
  2. In a saucepan, combine sugar, butter and lemon juice. Warm over low heat, stirring often, until butter has melted. Then, slowly whisk saucepan mixture into the whisked eggs, pouring in a thin, gradual stream.
  3. Once combined well, add mixture back to the saucepan over medium-low heat. Whisk often, making sure to eliminate any lumps, until mixture begins to thicken and coat the back of a spoon, about 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Then, immediately pour through the sifter, pushing all the curd through (use your spatula to scrape the curd off the bottom of the bowl). Whisk for about 30 seconds to one minute to eliminate any bumps and cool the mixture down. Set aside to cool.

    Crust Directions
  5. Add the first six (dry) ingredients in a food processor and pulse until combined. Add chilled butter and pulse until flour becomes gritty, about 30 seconds. Then, add one tablespoon of ice water at a time until dough begins to take shape. Shape into a 6 inch disk, dust with more tapioca flour and wrap in saran wrap. Chill for 30 to 45 minutes.
  6. Once dough has chilled, let it rest for 5 minutes at room temperature. Dust again with tapioca flour, and sandwich between two pieces of parchment paper. Roll out your dough evenly until about 3 inches larger than your tart pan.
  7. Remove top sheet of parchment paper, set down your tart pan (face down) in the middle of the dough, and flip — making sure your hands are on either side of the tart dish for support. Remove the last sheet of parchment, trying to eliminate any tearing.
  8. Once you remove the parchment, remove any excess dough hanging over the edge and gently press the dough into the tart dish. If you had any tears in the dough, just pinch it together or add extra dough as necessary.  Continue doing this until the tart dough is even and smooth. Chill in the fridge for another 25 minutes.
  9. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  10. Once dough has chilled, poke a few holes in the crust with a fork, and parbake. Bake for 25 minutes, or until tart begins to slightly come away from edges. Then, pour in the lemon curd and bake for another 8 minutes.
  11. Let the tart cool then chill for 30 minutes before enjoying.
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