The Best Way to Store Your Bread

If you’ve spent the time and effort to make your own loaf of bread, you’ll want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible for you to enjoy. Since artisan bread is mostly flour, yeast and water, it won’t last long, but there are some ways to store it that will...

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Organic Whole Grains and Glyphosate

Recent media reports have highlighted the prevalence of glyphosate in conventional farming systems and consequently the traces of glyphosate being found in various food products.  Royal Lee Organics takes the glyphosate issue seriously and we would like to take this...

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Celebrate Flour Season

Colder weather is a time of baking -- warm loaves of whole grain bread, delicious pie crusts, nutrient-rich cookies and other tasty treats. We think the best way to make flour for all that baking is with the Lee Household Flour Mill. Simply pour your grain into the...

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Cooking Whole Grains

Because we manufacture the Lee Household Flour Mill, we often talk about making flour out of grains. However, most grains can also be cooked whole, similar to cooking rice. Cooking whole grains is a great way to get their nutritional benefits if you don’t have the...

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Whole Grains and Nutrition

The simple act of making food from scratch can have a lifetime, even generational, effect on people’s health. Join us as we look at the history of whole grains, the milling process, and how the economy shaped the food we consume and the nutrition we lost in the...

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The Ritual of Bread

There is something about homemade bread that is unlike any other food. The warmth, smell and texture are pleasing, but bread also holds a sense of nostalgia. Many of us can remember our parents making fresh bread (even if it was made from a frozen loaf). Or the...

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Video: Using the Lee Household Flour Mill

Getting a new Lee Household Flour Mill is an exciting endeavor. Whole grain baked goods await! But before you start baking, we wanted to share this short video that shows how the mill works. Together with the User Guide that accompanies the mill, this hopefully makes...

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Whole Grains and Healthy Body Weight

Looking for healthy foods to eat to lose weight? Whether you want to lose weight, or are trying to maintain a healthy body weight, whole grains are an important part of your overall approach . . . .

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