About Us

Our mission is to continue the legacy of Dr. Royal Lee by offering the highest quality products that focus on complete nutritional value.

Long History. Unwavering Purpose.

In 1941, our founder Dr. Royal Lee organized the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research. The goal of the foundation was to address nutritional challenges and educate people about the importance of proper nutrition. Under the auspices of the foundation, Dr. Lee published countless works of research on the topic of whole food nutrition and its positive effect on health and wellbeing.

The results of his research were reflected in his Therapeutic Foods Company, which eventually became known as Standard Process, the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions.

As a leading critic of commercially produced flour, Dr. Lee developed a home flour mill as a way for average Americans to derive the optimal nutritional benefit in whole wheat flour. He marketed and sold this mill under the Lee Engineering brand.

In the late 1980s, Standard Process sold Lee Engineering to Electro-Mechano. In 2014, Standard Process purchased Lee Engineering back from Electro-Mechano. We have since redesigned and upgraded the mill to create an even higher quality product. We now offer the Lee Household Flour Mill, organic whole grains and other nutrition-focused products under the Standard Process subsidiary brand Royal Lee Organics™.

“We love the mill! We use it every day for things from bread, to pastry and it is phenomenal. The biggest selling point for me was the fineness since that would mean we can really do some great pastry with it in addition to bread. It definitely has been great!"


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