Video: Using the Lee Household Flour Mill

Getting a new Lee Household Flour Mill is an exciting endeavor. Whole grain baked goods await! But before you start baking, we wanted to share this short video that shows how the mill works. Together with the User Guide that accompanies the mill, this hopefully makes...

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Whole Grains and Healthy Body Weight

Looking for healthy foods to eat to lose weight? Whether you want to lose weight, or are trying to maintain a healthy body weight, whole grains are an important part of your overall approach . . . .

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A Longer, Healthier Life With Whole Grains

With a growing complexity of environmental, nutritional and other factors affecting our health, it’s good to know that there are steps we can take to increase our chances of a longer, healthier life. One of those steps, as suggested by various nutritional studies, is consuming more whole grains.

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Whole Grains Help Make a Healthy Heart

For many Americans, the busyness of our lives keeps us moving but not exercising, eating fast instead of healthy, and generally not taking as good of care of ourselves as we should. When we consider making a change, it may seem impossible because there’s just “no time.” Unfortunately, if we don’t change, it will catch up with us.

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Whole Grains and Diabetes

Being diagnosed with any disease can cause a panic (“What can I do?”) and then reflection (“What could I have done differently?”). In the case of diabetes, something can be done at any stage….

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What is Gluten?

Gluten and gluten-free foods have recently become prominent ever since gluten sensitivity was recognized as a condition. Now, plenty of food manufacturers are offering gluten-free alternatives and more and more people are adopting gluten-free diets….

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What is a Kitchen?

For many people, the kitchen is the main room of their house. It’s the room most often visited, and many gatherings end up congregating in the kitchen. Simply, food brings people together, and the kitchen is where all the food is….

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The Making of Flour

When most Americans think about flour, probably the first thing to come to mind is the bags of white flour sold in grocery stores. There is an enormous difference between this kind of flour and flour you make by grinding grain at home. To understand the differences, it helps to start at the beginning.

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The Lee Household Flour Mill

“We love the mill! We use it every day for things from bread, to pastry and it is phenomenal. The biggest selling point for me was the fineness since that would mean we can really do some great pastry with it in addition to bread. It definitely has been great!"


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