Achieving the Perfect Grind with DynaVibe

Testing the Balance and Vibrations of the Lee Household Flour Mill

Home Milled FlourThe disk inside each Lee Organic flour mill creates an air current which drives the grains against the stone, grinding the grain into a fine powder. Spinning between 5,000 and 10,000 RPMs, this disk can damage the flour mill if imbalanced. Lee Organic utilized the DynaVibe GX2 system to test the vibrations and maintain disk balance. Check out the DynaVibe case study of the Lee Household Flour Mill.

DynaVibe Balancer Aids Precision

Using a DynaVibe balancer, Lee Organics measures the vibration of each rotating disk. DynaVibe allows Lee Organics to ensure each customer receives a high quality product to stand the test of time. By using a DynaVibe balancer Lee Organics can deliver rotating disks as “in-balance” as possible.

Leaders in the aircraft industry trust DynaVibe products to ensure propeller stability and balance. Customers across the aircraft industry trust DynaVibe products to help them maintain their aircraft and even make legendary planes airworthy again.

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