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The Design


Based on a design which first debuted in the 1930s, the Lee Household Flour Mill offers quick and efficient whole wheat flour grinding in your own home so you know exactly what goes into your food and how it has been processed. Originally invented by Dr. Royal Lee, our modern flour mill design has advanced since those early days, yet you still receive old-fashioned quality. 


Unique design features of the Lee Household Flour Mill include:

UNIQUE STONE GRINDING PRINCIPLELee Mills are designed to efficiently stone grind and reduce the entire grain kernel, including the germ and bran. Second only to diamonds in hardness, the stationary grinding stone never requires dressing and should last a lifetime. Air current is used to move the grain across the stationary stone, reducing it into fine flour. The process does not involve metal plates or rollers.

AUTOMATIC FEED - The automatic feed assures the proper amount of grain will be steadily fed into the grinding chamber. In the chamber, the grain is reduced to uniformly fine flour by centrifugal action that forces the grain against a stationary stone ring. No sifting or bolting is required.

SAFE AND SIMPLE OPERATION - Just fill the hopper with grain, position the Pyrex bowl beneath the chute and turn on the motor. The fan action of the rotating feed disc moves ground flour through the outlet into the bowl below the mill.

COMPACT TROUBLE-FREE MOTOR - The Lee Household Flour Mill is powered by a 1 H.P. motor equipped with a thermal protective switch to prevent overload or overheating.

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Heat is known to affect some nutrients in foods. The Lee Household Flour Mill’s process of propelling grain against a stationary millstone applies minimal pressure, ensuring low temperatures.
Freshly milled flour retains the naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients which are eliminated in commercial milling operations producing flour sold in grocery stores. With freshly milled flour, the entire germ, bran, and endosperm are retained and there is no chemical bleaching.
The Lee Household Flour Mill uses a stationary milling disc to reduce grains and seeds to extraordinarily fine flour. Unlike so called "self-cleaning" mills with metal grinding plates that collect flour, the disc and its chamber are easy to access and easy to clean. No funky buildup of rancid flour here!
The Lee Household Flour Mill was designed to fit in the space between the top of a kitchen counter and the bottom of the cabinet above it. With its detachable grain hopper and a separate bowl for collecting the milled flour, storing it inside a kitchen cabinet is also easy.
The 1 H.P. motor in the Lee Household Flour Mill is a brilliantly engineered motor with a long history of reliability. For the newest version of the Lee mill, we’ve made this motor quieter than ever without any reduction in its performance.
The automatic feed hopper on the Lee Household Flour Mill was designed to ensure just the right amount of grain is fed into the milling chamber. You can load it with up to 8 cups of grain without worrying about the grain getting clogged in the milling chamber. Clean up is easy, too. Just unfasten the stainless steel screws on the milling chamber, remove the milling disc, and brush off any residual flour.