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Who makes the world’s best home flour mill? Naturally, we’re a bit biased, but in our opinion it would definitely be the Lee Household Flour Mill.

Staying true to its built-to-last heritage while honoring the classic style of the original, the new Lee Household Flour Mill walks the fine line between traditional and modern with ease. The addition of a Pyrex bowl for collecting the milled flour is a welcome change from the flour sack of previous models. Quieter and more compact than the original mill, it is available for the first time in a choice of colors to complement virtually any kitchen décor.

One thing which hasn’t changed with the new model; it still mills flour finer than any other home flour mill available. We’re not the only ones who think highly of the Lee Household Flour mill. The reviews of current and previous generation Lee mills speak for themselves.

Learn more about Intelligent, Healthful Living™ with the Lee Household Flour Mill.

Reviews marked October 2015 denote our legacy mill. We'll post reviews of the new mill as they come in:

    May 2016
    "We use it every day" By: Ben from North Carolina Thanks so much! We love the mill! We use it every day for things from bread, to pastry and it is phenomenal. The biggest selling point for me was the fineness since that would mean we can really do some great pastry with it in addition to bread. It definitely has been great!
    October 2015
    (Legacy Mill) I'm a newer and proud member of the Lee Household Mill Owner's Club! The grind of the flour is absolutely perfect for bread and I couldn't be more thrilled with it.
    October 2015
    (Legacy Mill) I'm in love with Lee... I have been extremely impressed with the fine flour this mill can produce. The flour I mill from hard spring wheat (red or white) is virtually indistinguishable in feel from a standard, commercial bread or all-purpose flour yet it is entirely 100% whole wheat. I also own a Nutrimill (micronizer) grain mill and I feel that the Lee Household Flour Mill produces a better fine flour.
    October 2015
    (Legacy Mill) Received as a gift I've been given an S-600, which due to this posting have discovered was a princely gift indeed! The flour is wonderful.
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