Organic Whole Buckwheat


Organic Whole Buckwheat makes a great gluten-free flour alternative.

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Organic, gluten-free Whole Buckwheat has a hearty, nutty flavor. Because it doesn’t contain gluten, buckwheat is a great substitute for recipes that call for wheat. Buckwheat is also rich in polyphenols and its protein has a unique amino acid composition. What does that mean? It means that consuming buckwheat will help you maintain cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and lower your cholesterol.

Making Flour from Whole Buckwheat

Whole Buckwheat flour can be used for a variety of recipes and ground at the full range of coarseness settings on the Lee Household Flour Mill. Pour the grains into the hopper, select your desired coarseness and mill until the hopper is empty. Because the shell is intact on Whole Buckwheat, expect texture and added flavor with the flour you mill.

Cooking with Whole Buckwheat Grain

Whole Buckwheat is not recommended for cooking due to the hard shell being present. Try our Organic Buckwheat Groats if you are interested in cooking this grain.

Flour made with Organic Whole Buckwheat is compatible with the Acid Alkaline diet, Atkins diet, Gluten-free diet, Low Carb diet, Macrobiotic diet, Mediterranean diet and the Standard Process Purification Program.


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