Lee Household Flour Mill HistoryThe latest incarnation of the Lee Household Flour Mill is a significantly refined version of the Lee Household Flour Mill, which has been in production since the 1930s. The first electrically powered flour mill designed for home use, it was a revolutionary appliance in its day.

Dr. Royal Lee, a prolific inventor and pioneer of holistic nutrition, developed the mill to make it possible for Americans to have nutritious, fresh, whole wheat flour for baking whenever they needed it. Along with a handful of other pioneers in the field of holistic nutrition, Dr. Lee considered the processed, bleached white flour being produced by the large flour companies of his day to be nutritionally inferior and potentially challenging to one’s health. He saw his mill as a way for Americans to live healthier lives through better nutrition.

In April of 1927, Dr. Royal Lee filed for a patent on his first flour mill. The patent, granted in July of 1931, described his mill as an “attrition mill” for the manner in which wheat berries are pulverized by dashing the grain against a stationary disc. In his accompanying description of the mill, Dr. Lee wrote:

“A further object is to provide a grinding mill having a stationary abrasive member or stone against which the grain or other granular material to be ground is spun or whirled at high-speed by centrifugal action to effect rapid attrition of the material with a light touch.”

Incorporating a motor designed and built by Lee Engineering, the Lee Household Flour Mill proved to be an extremely reliable mill. In fact, many of these mills from the last 50 years are still operational. The newly redesigned Lee Household Flour Mill uses an updated version of this original motor and, like the original mill, is still built entirely in the United States.

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